Welcome to the Global Rhetoric/ Non-Western Rhetoric CCCC Standing Group Community

We are interested in global rhetorical practices–both historical traditions and modern dispositions.

  • “Rhetoric” includes various cultural, sub-cultural, cross-cultural, and subaltern habits, conventions, and innovations in persuasion, but could also include unique stylistics and approaches to general communication–even approaches to spiritual revelation.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman terms are a beginning, but may not even apply to broader global practices–so new terminologies and theories are welcome.
  • “Culture” is a convenient but questionable term, so we are interested in dissolving, crossing, and questioning the present boundaries between East and West, Greek and Non-Greek, geographic borders, etc.

We desire this group to be a safe space for colleagues and allies from all religions and backgrounds. The need for a global understanding of rhetoric and rhetorical practices could not be more evident in the current environment.  As a group, we believe we ought to be all the more diligent in finding and creating bridges and connections among various traditions and peoples.

We invite you to join our social media community! Though our purpose is to provide a forum for scholars in Global Rhetoric, members need only be interested in these topics to get involved.

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